Renata Kalsbeek – Attempting to find my creative

Nice to meet you! I’m Renata, an aspiring event planner/marketer extraordinaire. I am here to try and break out of my comfort zone via the written word!

A little about Renata

I am a 24 year old recent graduate trying to find my way. I recently returned to my hometown Calgary, Alberta after 3 years of university at Ryerson in Toronto, Ontario. And honestly – I have no idea what I am doing with my life. I know what I want to do, which is a great start, but I have been facing some challenges getting there. As such, I decided I needed an outlet to focus on and voila! Elvire was born.

Apple festival vintage car green apple
Renata – Apple Festival – Salmon Arm, BC

A little bit about Elvire

What is Elvire?

Honestly, it is the name of a girl that I met in school. I just loved the sound of it! I felt that my blog should have a name distinct from my own as I don’t have an exact plan for where we are headed at the moment.

It’s pronouced EL-VEE-EH or LVA

My plans for Elvire are pretty non-committal. Hands up for anyone else who has attempted to create a blog in the past and failed! Despite this, I do have a few goals that I would love to meet.

  1. Post at least once a month (“omg what crazy intense schedule” you might say sarcastically. Hey! I’m trying to be nice to myself okay!)
  2. Share my interests! (“what are your interests?” you might ask. Well I have a lot of them… so who knows at the moment what you will see… mostly likely DIY wedding decor and baking.)
  3. Connect with you! (I’m finding myself with a lack of community at the moment and would love to meet you! Please leave a comment below!)

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